19 Unique Eurotech Wooden Brush

Unique Eurotech Wooden Brush

For the greater part of a year, I have been working on a hair post. . And I am still in the procedure. But before I start digging into all that is good and good from the natural haircare product world, I thought I would share with you a quick, but useful post on my hair care gear: the wooden masterpieces that help keep my hair healthy and strong. This is my favourite of all my brushes. Since I have long hair, this brush works masterfully through long and thick hair. It’s a breeze to perform a speedy and tender brush with this paddle. I find I loose hair from the brush than others (measured by how often I have to clean it out). It’s gentle, lightweight and also the best brush I have ever employed. Seriously. Ever. The bristles with this one are ionic, so anti-static, and wood tipped. The entire bristle is not wood. If you’re looking for completely wood bristles, or, if you’ve got thinner hair, or short hair, you may adore my purse-sized brush under.

The Top 5 Reasons to Use a Wooden Brush / Comb


  1. Natural wooden bristles help to naturally condition your own hair, and evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils down the hair shaft.
  2. Cosmetic bristles are also gentle and durable. Since they’re wide, they are less likely to break the hair when combing.
  3. Wooden bristles don’t produce any static (that you may find with synthetic brushes and brushes ).
  4. Wooden bristles feel just like small massaging fingers in your scalp — particularly if you are knowledgeable about acupressure. I occasionally will brush my purse-sized oval brush securely onto your scalp to massage my”noggin”:-RRB- This helps increase flow in your scalp, bringing wonderful nutrients into the hair follicles.
  5. Wooden hairbrushes crafted from bamboo, which will be a sustainable resource — it rapidly regrows after being harvested, and it can grow in ruined and dirt depleted soil
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Where to Buy Now I am sharing with you the only tools that touch my head nowadays: my bamboo wooden paddle brush, my purse-sized natural bamboo bristle brush along with my bamboo broad tooth comb. I use only wood bristle brushes and paints. Here is why: You may find my favourite brush for quite a affordable price of $11 USD on Amazon! Or locate the identical paddle brush, with completely wooden bristles (their”massage” brush) for$21 USD additionally on Amazon here.
euro tech wooden hair brush needed on the hunt
tech wooden hair brush needed on the hunt from eurotech wooden brush, source:thehunt.com
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eurotech wooden brush on the hunt from Eurotech Wooden Brush, source:thehunt.com
19 Unique Eurotech Wooden Brush
alya medium oval cushion brush brush 6469116933 alya large oval
alya medium oval cushion brush brush 6469116933 alya large oval from Eurotech Wooden Brush, source:pinterest.com
widu large pneumatic rectangular paddle
amazon com widu bristle wooden hair brush health personal care from Eurotech Wooden Brush, source:amazon.com

The Body Shop Bamboo Pin Hairbrush

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  • The Body Shop Bamboo Pin Hairbrush

Ambassador Hairbrush, Ashwood Large Oval, Wood Pins, 1 Hairbrush

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  • 8.5 long with oval head and wooden pins
  • Wooden pins in pneumatic head
  • Large oval pneumatic head
  • Rounded tips simulate scalp
  • Handle designed to comfortably fit any hand
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